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JAMB Day 3 Questions and Answers, Topics (2022)

JAMB 2022 Questions and Answers, Topics

JAMB Day 3 Questions and Answers, Topics (2022)

2022 JAMB Day 2 Questions and Answers for Saturday, 7 May 2022 — The 2022 JAMB examination is beginning to get intense as we mark the second day of the examination.


Fortunately, several students testified that some of the questions and topics we posted were repeated. In case you have not seen it, check it out here » JAMB Day 1 Questions and Answers, Topics (2022).

Also, a lot of students confirmed that most of the questions we set according to the JAMB Syllabus. Therefore, we advise students yet to participate in the examination to revise topics in the syllabus.

Since the JAMB questions we collated and shared is proving to be useful, we have decided to keep it on throughout the period of the exam.

Recall that we made mention of some problems the students scheduled for the first day experienced. Well, most of them have been attended to. JAMB delisted some CBT Venues due to incompetence and promised to reschedule students who were unable to write the examination.

However, some students still lamented that they didn’t submit before their time elapsed. Read this article to learn how to manage your time when answering JAMB Questions. It’d help you.

Anyway, we have collated the questions we gathered from various candidates that were scheduled for examination today, the 7th of May, 2022.

As we all know, the JAMB CBT system randomly assigns questions to each candidate. At times, they are repeated for another candidate, at times, they are not.

Hence, the essence of this article is to get you familiar with the premise of the likely questions that may appear in your examination, and also aid your revision.

Use of English JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022

1. who narrated the novel Life Changer?
a.) Khadija Abubakar Jalli
b.) Omar
c.) Salma Amed
d.) Ummi Amed( answer)

2. Why was their mother always checking on them?

3. what was ummi’s matric registration number
a. ug0001

4. what is the full meaning of IPO
a.independent police officer
b. investigating police officer
c. international police officer

5. what was ummi’s occupation

6. who was the head of the gambling group.

7. what is the full meaning of EMAL

8. according to the book, Habib was a?
a. driver

9. what is the full name of Salma.
a.salma Mohammed
b.salma johnson
c.salma Samuel.

Mathematics JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022


Biology JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022


TOPICS: Evolution, Living organisms, Seed germination, Genetics, Genes and Chromosomes, Transport system, Reproductive system

Chemistry JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022


TOPICS: Organic compound, Solubility, Hydrocarbons, Empirical formulae, Isotopy

Physics JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022


TOPICS: electricity, mirror, wave, capacitance, resistors and resistance, incident ray, galvanometer, electric field, Photoelectric effect, AC Circuit, Capacitance, Inductance, Mirror Formula, Equations of motion, Friction, Cubic expansivity, Density, Specific latent heat

Economics JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022


Principles of Account JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022


Literature in English JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022


Government JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022


TOPICS: Local government reforms, the constitution, Ecomog, feudalism, parliamentary system,

CRS JAMB Day 2 Questions 2022


JAMB 2021 Use of English Questions and Topics

The English questions typically consist of:

  • 10 questions for the literature book
  • 5 from comprehension
  • 10 lexis and structure
  • 10 word and opposite
  • 10 word and meaning
  • 5 fill in the gap
  • 5 sound
  • 5 stress

1) On Lexis and structure, The arms of Government was repeated. The register question that looks like this
In Nigeria there are three arms of government, which arm makes the law A)—– i)legislator ii) executive iii) judiciary, iv) legislative), and we have the judiciary who enforce and implement the law, then the executive is elected and he chooses those he works with which are B)—- i) ministers ii)representative iii) politicians,iv) , the executive is called C)—- i) president ii)head of state iii) chief of service iv) , there are also upper chamber, house of Senate with their head as chairman, the chairman is known as the D)—— i)majority leader ii) president iii) and iv), while the head of the lower chamber, the house the representatives is the E)—- i)minority leader ii) house of common iii) and iv)

2) when ummi heard the flushing sound of the toilet what she felt
A) agitated and frustrated
C)comfortable has

Download:  102+ Possible QUESTIONS And ANSWERS From JAMB 2022 Novel (Life Changer)

2)when the HOD ask her if she would like a drink what was he trying to do

3) what was ummi thinking when the Hod was sitting beside her

4) what was Ummi wearing when the Hod said other students should emulate her dressing
A) decently dressed with her hijab
B) indecently dressed with her hijab
C) decently dressed without her hijab
D) indecently dressed without her hijab

Adamu has always ___picking____me
a) been/at b)been/for c)been/on d) been/in

Some sentences asked to interpret
1. She dressed to the nine on her wedding..
2. The boy is for high jump by his father. …
3. Her mother asked her to hit the hay


Find the stress pattern on


1. Unmi considers the HOD’s endearing salutation as.?
Ans Suspicious

2. By telling Unmi “Sit down my dear” the HOD has?

3. By asking Unmi if she would like to have a drink what was the impression on Unmi?
Ans: Her fears about lecturers might be true

4. That you don’t volunteer information except when asked is something that
Ans: Something that Unmi taught Omar

5. By complementing his female student’s looks and attire, it is obvious that…..?

6. In the HOD’s office, Unmi was …..?
Ans: Dressed decently without a hijab

7. Why did the narrator say she was pressed?
Ans: She wanted an excuse to leave

8. After flushing the toilet Unmi felt??
Ans: uncomfortable and Embarrassed

9. Dr Johnson wishes students emulate her style of?
Ans: Dressing

The story in the novel is about____________?
a. Omar’s admission into University
b. Omar’s forehead Smartphone
c. Omar’s Jamb Result
d. ??

What Dr Davis did when he encountered Salma?
a) No confidence
b) unable to experience himself

Who among the children where logger-head (i.e. always dismissive)
a) Omar and bint
b) Jemila n Teemah
c) Jemila n Bint
d) Temmah n Omar.

What is the abbreviation for examinations malpractice as used in the passage?
Answer: EMAL

JAMB 2021 Mathematics Questions and Topics

Questions were drawn from these topics: Fractions, Angles, Integration, probability, Standard deviation, Mean, Variance, Permutation and Combination, sector, matrices and determinant

1) Polynomials.
2) Inequalities.
3) Matrices and determinants.
4) Progression (AP and GP).
5) Variation.
6) Differentiation and Integration.
7) Coordinate geometry.
8) Trigonometry (Pythagoras theorem).
9) Mensuration.
10) Percentage error.
11) Logarithms.
12) Surds.
13) Sets.
14) Number bases.
15) Permutation.
16) Measures of dispersion.
17) Probability.
18) Representation of data (bar chart).

JAMB 2021 Biology Questions and Topics

Question from the following topics
– denitrifying bacteria,
– biomes,
-organic evolution,
– blood group crossing between AB and O

1) labelled Reproductive organ was given
i) from the diagram which part emulsifies fat
ii) What is the part that comes before the rectum called i) duodenum ii)small intestine iii) larger intestine iv( ileum

2) labelled diagram of fingerprints
I) what is the diagram above use to identify
a) identify criminals

Ii) which type of fingerprint is in the diagram
c)double loop

3)which of the organism is the oldest
a) fern
b) maize plant
c) spirogyra
d) bacteria or fungi( not sure ) so read both

4)a gene that rarely appears in female gene but frequently appears in male gene is as a result of
C) s*x-linked

5) if an albinism carrying man marries an albino what will be the ratio of their offspring
a) 25
b) 100

6) which of this is use to maintain soil nutrients
a) mono-cropping

7) A map was giving to use and identify tropical rainforest

Download:  JAMB English Questions and Answers 2022 (7am 100% Verified) CBT Expo

8) what adaptation feature does plant use to survive bush burning

1. The main use of the nephron is?
a Respiration
b Excretion
c Irritability✓

2. Two homozygous white flowers bb were crossed. what percent of their offsprings will be red?
a 20%
b 50%
c 0% ✓

3. The u shaped structure of the kidney is called?

4. which of th following fruits have marginal placentation

5. Fossils are stored in which of the following
sedimentary rock

6. who proposed the thoery of evolution

7. Which of the following forms the protective covering of the eye

8. The Norhern Savanna is characterised with what?
heavy rainfall with few trees
little rainfall with sparse trees
high humidity with grasses

9. The feeding relationship between a fungi and a bacteria on piece of bread whereby the fungi kills the bacteria is known as?

10. The adaptive feature of chameleon that makes it an aboreal animal is ?

11. which of the following is not a discontinuous variation?

12. Fingerprint is an example of ?
Morphological variation
physiological variation
continuous variation
discontinuous variation

13. Lamarck’s Theory

14. Which of the following will be a modification of a bird which sucks nectar
curved long beak
thin long beak
short curved beak

14. The mouth of a butterfly is adapted for? ans: sucking

15. The bittle toe in the stem of a _______ Is what relationship
a. Mutualism b. Commensalism c. Parasitism d. Saprophytic

What’s the mode of respiration for Terrestrial Habitat. a) gills b) lungs c) contractile vacuole

Which of these biomes covers majority part of Nigeria?
a) Sahel Savanna,
b) Mangrove
c) Sudan

Which has the least rainfall from the options above

JAMB 2021 Chemistry Questions and Topics

Questions were drawn from the following topics: Organic Chemistry, Extraction of Sulphur by contact process, Charles law, General gas law, electrolysis, fractional distillation of petroleum, solubility, electrolysis, benzene ring, Radioactive

An object is heated from 30oC to 57oC. The increases in its temperature on the kelvin scale is
A. 17k
B. 27k
C. 81k
D. 246k
E. 300k

1) gas equations involving volume temperature

2) the electrolyte in lead-acid accumulator

3) oxidation and reduction reaction

4) Something on ammonium chloride

5) calculating the relative atomic or molecular mass of a metal. The metal was symbolised with a letter carrying a +2 charge. current was 2A, mass was 0.199g, t was 5mins.i solved and j got 64g .the options were;mg,cu,and others.i chose cu.

6) amphoteric oxide

7) constituents of duralumin

8) a boy is between to mirror inclined to each other at angle 60 to each .calculate the no of images produced.

9) on capacitance

10) resonance frequency and length

11) driving mirrors are

12) electrolysis simple calculations

13) radioactivity the atomic no of an element released during an uranium (mass no=234, atomic no=92) with an alpha particle is…

14) voltage of inductance and capacitor

15) power, energy and cost

16) magnification

17) equilibrium

18) astronomical lens

19) wave length, frequency

20) relationship btw linear velocity, angular velocity and radius

21) electrolysis, Charles law , cassetrities regarding aluminum ore

Charles law, General gas law, electrolysis, fractional distillation and more.

JAMB 2021 Literature Questions and Topics

1) What was the prominent theme in the poem Vanity?

2) The poem crossing the bar signifies?

3) What figure of speech is ‘anxious hour’

4) why did maami Broni visit Maa Tsuru in faceless

5) who was the loneliest widow in the lonely days

6) ‘Cap picking’ as used to represent ‘husband picking’ is what figure of speech?

7) the dominant theme in the proud king is?

8) Piano and drums represent?

9)The dominant figure of speech in the proud boy is?

10) the panic of growing older reflects?

11) The dominant theme in the poem ‘dining table’ is?

12) Questions were asked from the following books
– harvest of corruption by Frank ogbodo ogbeche,
– Native son by Richard Wright,
– Faceless by Amma Darko
– Lonely days.

Download:  Nollywood Actor Dies From Food Poisoning

13) Poems also included:
– Vanity, crossing the bar,
– Anvil and hammer,
– Piano and drums,
– Ambush and so on

JAMB 2021 Use of Government Questions and Topics

1) The military head of state that transformed the creation of three regions into the creation of 12 states is?

2) who created the first political party NNDP

3) What was the major reason for military intervention in Nigeria’s politics?

4) AU was transformed from?

5) The highest decision making organ in Nigeria is?

6) the highest judicial organ with the exclusive right of settling disputes in Nigeria is?

7) the organ of the UN that provides security is?

8) Some of the topics included:
– Military rule (development of states),
– Creation of political parties (first political party, NNDP),
– Rule of law, about the parliamentary system of government (collective responsibility, vote of no confidence)

JAMB 2021 Economics Questions and Topics

1. Questions from:
– elasticity of demand in perfect competition,
– long-run and short-run,
– business organizations(private limited liability companies),
– calculations on quantity demanded and quantity supplied

1) Malthusian theory of population.

2) Localisation of industries.

3) Elasticities of supply.

4) Incidence of taxation.

5) Theory of demand and supply.

6) Money.

7) Law of variable proportion or diminishing returns.

8) Theory of consumer behaviour (utility).

9) Theory of cost.

10) Market structures.

11) Functions of commercial banks.

12) Benefit of agriculture to Nigeria.

13) Business organisations.

14) Economic growth.

15) Economic systems.

16) Public finance ( fiscal and monetary policy).

17) International trade and international economic organisations.

JAMB 2021 Principles of Account Questions and Topics

1) Stock valuation.

2) Accounts of not-for-profit making organisations.

3) Bank reconciliation statement.

4) Branch accounts (majorly on the accounting entries).

5) Control accounts.

6) Ethics in accounting.

7) Information technology in accounting.

8) Joint venture accounts.

9) Partnership accounts.

10) Public sector accounting.

JAMB 2021 Physics Questions and Topics

Questions were drawn from these topics: reactance, induction, capacitor, power, gravitation, gravitation, capacitors, power, induction, pinhole camera, lens, velocity-time graph, electrolysis, resistance, force quantity

1. Calculations involving Current, Resistance and Voltage(V=IR)

2. Calculation for potential energy

3. Calculation for The Resistance, when giving Power and Voltage (came out Twice) W=V²/R

4. Calculations involving echo (v=2d/t)

5. Friction in liquids is?
Ans: Viscosity

6. Calculate for Mechanical advantage when given load and effort

7. Calculate for the increase in length when given linear expansivity, temp change and original length

8. Something about comparing the ratio of the Heat of Object P to Object Q if the temperature change for P is twice that of Q and if the mass of P is half that of Q.
Ans: 1:1

9. When water passes from shallow zone to deeper zone, its..
a) Frequency remains constant b) velocity increases c) Wavelength decreases d) velocity remains constant

10. Calculation involving temperature conversion from a resistance thermometer to Celcius scale

11. Temperature conversion from Celsius to Kelvin

12. Moment of force(calculate the weight of the metre rule)

13. Vision from both eyes is said to be?
Ans: Binocular vision

14. Electron orbiting round nucleus has
a) Potential energy only b) Kinetic energy only c) Potential energy and kinetic energy ..

15. They asked for the formula for time of half life
Ans: T½ = 0.693/Wavelength

16. Calculation for image distance in concave mirror

17. Also asked for the equation corresponding to the ball falling in viscous liquid
Ans: W-U-V=mg

18. I=30sin100πt. Calculate the I(RMS) value.
a)√2/30 b)30/√2 c) 30

19. What is the mass of a sphere if the radius is 10cm. [density=2.3*10³kg/m³]
Ans: Use Volume of sphere = 4/3πr³ and then, Mass= Volume*density (also convert the radius to meter)

20. Calculation of Image height when given length of camera, object height, object distance



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